Anniversay booklet Diespuut


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Anniversary booklet Diespuut

Conceptual design and realisation of a booklet to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the debating society Diespuut (Circumflex students' guild, Maastricht).
Circulation: 30 booklets.
Preconditions: informal collage styling of memories and photographs, utilisation of the original Diespuut logo.

Beforehand a questionnaire had been sent to all of the (former) members of Diespuut, asking them to tell their reasons for becoming a member, to relate their fondest memories, and to share their current views of Diespuut.
The results of this inquiry were to be composited with photographs and other images in an informal, collage like way.
By means of grouping the results thematically on the pages, a symmetrical structure was created for the booklet which prevented the collage styling from turning the booklet into a chaotic hotchpotch.
To create a sort of historical feel whithin the informal styling of the booklet, drop caps were applied to the texts.

In the examples to the right, the names and faces of Diespuut members have been blurred for privacy reasons.

Front cover. Larger image: 500x353 or 1241x877

Inside, page 4-5. Larger image: 827x293 or 1653x585

Inside, page 18-19. Larger image: 827x293 or 1653x585