CD - The Return of Longshanks


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Longshanks - The Return of Longshanks (CD)

Conceptual design and realisation of the artwork for the CD "The Return of Longshanks" by Longshanks.
Client: Longshanks
Circulation: 100 CDs

During the process of recording the CD, which took almost two years, each of the individually recorded songs was released via the Longshanks website.
Each song was given its own webpage, complete with matching illustration, lyrics and background information on the creation process.
All of this information was then reused in the 24 page CD booklet. The band photographs were shot by Rijk-Willem Schmelter.
Some of the dedicated illustrations are on display on this website via the Portfolio illustrations.


Cover CD-booklet.
larger image: 709x709 or 1418x1418

Backside CD casing (CD inlay).
larger image: 876x691 or 1753x1382


larger image: 708x355 or 1417x709

larger image: 708x355 or 1417x709