Triview exhibition wall


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Triview exhibition wall

Design an exhibition wall for Triview, promoting both Triview and Author-it.
Preconditions: the wall was to consist of two seperately usable banners, one for each company,
of which the banner for Author-it had already been designed in New-Zealand.
Client: Triview, Soest.

Due to the differences in corporate indentity styling for the two companies, it was necessary to design an intermediate 'transition' panel to bind the two company banners together in a natural way.
In the end, the curves in the Autor-it banner have been tweaked slightly to improve the fitting of those curves to the earth globe on the transition panel.
For a later exhibition in the U.K. a special version of the Triview banner (Solve-it) was created.


Exhibition wall for Author-it & Triview.
larger image: 1000x784

Alternative Triview panel: Solve-it.
larger image: 392x784


London exhibition set-up (2010).
larger image: 912x684