Cover T.R.o.L.


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Cover illustration for "The Return of Longshanks"

Create an illustration for the cover of the CD "The Return of Longshanks".

For the members of Longshanks "The Return of Longshanks" was a sequel to the (unfinished) project "The Quest". So it was decided to reflect that in the cover illustration for the new CD. As the cover of "The Quest" depicts the stories protagonists setting out on their quest, the cover of T.R.o.L. shows their return to the gate of their home town.
The first concepts for this illustration were scetched in pencil on paper in 2009. From those scetches the city gate was modeled in Lightwave and the landscape with the little town in Terragen. The three travelers were painted in guache on paper, which was then scanned. Finally all image parts were composited and finished in Photoshop.


Finished cover illustration.
larger image: 709x709 or 1418x1418

Citygate, modeled in Lightwave.
larger image: 732x732 or 1464x1464


Landscape, modeled in Terragen.
larger image: 896x504

Foreground, painted in guache on paper.
larger image: 534x378 or 1067x756